Fear the F.E.A.R. and What to Do Instead

I am sure you are aware by now of the amazing impact the Coronavirus or COV-19 has had around the world, on entire economies and the financial, personal and health lives of it seems, everyone on earth. Corona virus is no worse than a mild flu in most people and the ones it kills are the usual ones that every virus or pathogen like the flu kills—the elderly and/or already ill.  Sad yes, but does not justify the level of reaction by any means based on the real numbers.  Know how many children die per year from undernutrition—31 MILLION.  That’s almost 85,000 children PER DAY.  Where are the alarm bells for that every day?

The worldwide response to this current incarnation of the corona virus baffles the mind when you are so much more likely to get hurt or killed by getting in your own car every day or even crossing the street.  If you are a woman, you are more likely to be killed by an intimate partner than this virus (50,000/year worldwide).  Heart failure and accidents in or near your own home are more likely to kill or hurt you on a daily basis.  Are you afraid to go up and down your stairs or get in or out of the bathtub?  No.  Look up the numbers on this and start to question why you are being told this virus is so much worse.  There’s a reason it’s worse and it’s not because it’s going to get you.

How could a basically insignificant virus, that which, at the time of this writing has killed no more than 5000 people out of 7.5 BILLION and spreading no more quickly than the common cold or flu getting the kind of attention and response this is?  One word F.E.A.R.– or False Evidence Appearing Real.  I believe that irresponsible, inflammatory journalism didn’t look at the facts in perspective and had a field day with making a small amount of the ‘unknown’ seem worse than it was because of a financial motive to get people to watch, tune in, etc. to their shows, programs and social media sites.  Politicians under pressure  to DO something by this fear mongering made them make senseless and illogical decisions instead of un-alarming the public.

It is our right AND our responsibility in this day and age to think critically and question the information being given to us in the news, by the reporters, the talking heads and the politicians about pretty much everything.  What is the reality of this virus in perspective to other illnesses or things that cause death?  It’s the same as with HIV in proportion to cancer.  The attention HIV got and the subsequent funding, far outweighed that of cancer, a much more common deadly disease that also takes a terrible toll on its victims and their loved ones.

Who gets to decide that one disease or problem is the worse one?  Why does the media get to decide what’s news one day and gone the next?  Are the fires in Australia still burning?  We wouldn’t know unless you go dig for it because the major media stop paying attention to it about half way through because it got old.  The virus was new and could be made scarier because it could impact more people, so more people would tune in.  That’s the mind set of the news creators.  They think they can lead us around by the nose.  I reject that lack of respect in humanity.

The media and our political system know how to play on F.E.A.R. and we are falling for it.  For our actual health, this must stop.  The stress alone is more likely to lower your immunity and cause you more damage short and long term than the actual virus!   Question everything by asking ‘Compared to what?’.  When someone makes big, scary claims, grab that F.E.A.R. by the throat and start asking ‘compared to what?’ and see if there is a loss of perspective.

F.E.A.R. means big money for some people, especially the pharmaceutical industry and the media.  So the next challenge to you is to always ‘follow the money.’  You may have heard of this tactic because so many times, once you do, you always find a profit motive behind the fear-mongering.  Our brains are evolved to pay attention more to fearful or anxiety provoking information.  This is the ‘negativity bias’ that is meant only to keep us safe from immediate and lethal threats.  This part of the brain evolved from a much earlier, more simple ‘lizard’ brain but its overuse in this day and age by those who control information dissemination are manipulating this effect.  This keeps us so distracted it is a challenge to evolve further to better develop our higher level brain skills like critical thinking unless we really try harder not to be sucked into by the lizard brain.  Indeed, we should be taught these skills at home and school as a matter of course but we are not.

This virus is just a variant on one that has been around for a while and it will continue to come back around every year like the various strains of the cold and flu that can’t be eradicated no matter how many vaccines they try to throw at it.  Viruses and other pathogens are incredibly clever at diversifying and do so by NOT killing their host so they can replicate, evolve and pass themselves on.  That’s why there is still no cure for the common cold.

What we DO know about how to fight illness and disease is back to the basics—and what I wrote about recently in my F.S.F.—The New S.O.S.  The food you eat has a huge impact on your gut and therefore your immunity since most chemicals needed for your immune system are made there.  Food choices also impact tremendously on our mental function and mood so healthy food will help you be more ready to use ALL your brain power, not just your lizard brain.  It will also help you keep your anxiety as the neurotransmitters we need for mood balance are almost all made in your gut.  Sleep is also key in keeping your immunity strong as is stress relieving or FUN activities.  You are much more likely to get sick worrying about if you can find enough toilet paper and then running to the store with all the other people in close proximity, with ALL the pathogens we ALL carry, ALL the time.  It’s like throwing yourself out of the frying pan and into the fire!  Don’t do it!  Go to the beach or elsewhere in nature, watch a funny movie, hug and get hugged.  Yes, wash your hands but don’t let F.E.A.R. and stress be your undoing!  Fight the F.E.A.R. with F.S.F. and go PLAY!

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