The Four Candles

I came across this story recently and I wish I could find a reference for it so please let me know if you know it.  It is about something we need rather badly now as it seems the world is spinning on out of control fear which has led to some very sad behavior choices.

This story helped me and I hope it will be an inspiration to you.  It’s called The Four Candles.

The Four Candles burned
slowly. Their Ambiance was so
soft you could hear them

The First Candle said, “I Am
Peace, but these days, nobody
wants to keep me lit.” Then
Peace’s flame slowly
diminishes and goes out

The Second Candle said, “I Am
Faith, but these days, I am no
longer indispensable.” Then
Faith’s flame slowly
diminishes and goes out

Sadly The Third Candle Speaks,

“I Am Love and I haven’t the

strength to stay lit any

longer. People put me aside

and don’t understand my

importance. They even forget

to love those who are nearest

to them.” Waiting no longer,

Love goes out completely.


Suddenly…A child enters the

room and sees the three

candles no longer burning. The

child begins to cry, “Why are

you not burning? You are

supposed to stay lit until the


Then The Fourth Candle speaks

gently to the little child,

“Don’t be afraid, for I Am

Hope, and while I still burn,

we can re-light the other



With Shining Eyes the child

took the Candle Of Hope and

lit the other three candles.


Never let the Flame Of Hope go

out of your life. With Hope,

no matter how bad things look

and are…Peace, Faith and

Love can Shine Brightly in our



How can you kindle the hope in your life?  What part of your faith, peace or love is difficult to hold on to and what will help you with this?  Alternatively, is there something that is asking to be released from your life?

Your inner wisdom can help you decide if something needs to shift during this time of renewal and re-evaluation of our lives.  Sometimes when we let go of one thing, something else quite unexpected comes into our lives and it renews our love, peace, faith and hope.

There are gifts for many people in this strange time but it may be difficult to see them, especially if you are not paying attention or drowning out the full range of emotions through too much news or social media or incessant conversations about the situation that is feeding your F.E.A.R. (see my last couple of blog posts for more on this).  Yes, there may be pain for many, many people but that is part of life, just like death.  The old saying stands true, “Pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice.”

Take this time to see where your sense of Peace, Faith, Love and especially Hope stands.  What will help you light your candles and keep them lit?  Focus on that and you get through this with many more gifts than you realize.  If you need help finding them, as many will, please reach out for help.  You deserve to keep all four candles of your life LIT.

One of the best things you can do to renew hope is to go outside in the sunshine (which is a natural disinfectant), into nature and just take it all in through your 5 senses with curiosity, play and exploration.  Mother Nature is still here for us and she is finally getting a breather too.

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