Earth Day 2020!

I just learned that on the ‘first’ Earth Day celebration 50 years ago on April 22, 1970, 20 MILLION people in the USA demonstrated to demand that the government take action to protect the environment.  20 MILLION on one day!  That was 10% of the entire US population at the time.  President Nixon was so moved by the demonstrations that they resulted in the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

All of my posts and work are focused on connection with the natural world in some way to facilitate emotional, social, mental, physical and spiritual wellness so celebrating Earth Day is right in alignment for me.

I got ‘woke’ 30 years ago while in graduate school and watching educational shows on MTV about the environment around Earth Day.  Wow.  Never looked back.  Changed my commitments to this planet and ALL of her inhabitants, especially animals.

Now, I find my self challenged again as we look at where we are 50 years later.  I fight despair and hopelessness because they rob me of JOY and that robs me of motivation.

I was also challenged by a group I’m in to PUBLICLY promise to do something to help this planet so here goes:


1) to not and to remind people NOT to use disposable ‘protective gear’ in everyday life if they are afraid of illness. Gloves and masks are already turning up in the waterways and on land.
2) to never invest in companies that destroy people, animals and places
3) to continue to not use products that test on animals and make my own to cut down on plastic use
4) eat less meat or go back to my vegetarian ways–already off eggs and dairy
5) to help more animals-through fostering, donations, and educating others
6) to re-commit to raising the JOY vibration in the world b/c hopelessness makes us lose our motivation.

Really, this kind of commitment helps me too to be healthier and happier.  Consider how making a promise like this will HELP YOU too!

Now I am giving you an EARTH DAY CHALLENGE. What will YOU promise to do that will help this planet and/or its inhabitants? How will it help YOU?  Please share the challenge and please comment!


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