Why We Need Peak Experiences

Awe. Wonder. Amazement. Flow. Why do we NEED these in our lives? These feelings, experiences, states of mind, heart and body are part of what are called ‘Peak Experiences’. There are various definitions but I like to think of them as transcendent moments of pure joy and elation of such significance that stay with you permanently.

Peak Experiences are a way toward self actualization, an essential part of being a fully present human being who experiences their full potential. Self actualization is considered rather rare according to at least one research study. People aren’t feeling like they are reaching their full potential!! This is tragic to me, and a large part of what I set out to do in the world is to help myself and others have more of these Peak Experiences so that they are connected to themselves at least at some point in their lives, completely–mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Having Peak Experiences with loved ones is also a permanent bonding experience that will never leave you and it will always be a soft landing place you can call home. No matter what arises, this history and memory that you form literally together can serve you forever for the better throughout your family and friend relationships. It can also help groups forge immeasurable bonds which is why having not just F.U.N. together but meaningful, joyful, awe-inspiring fun together is the fastest and most effective way to group cohesion, bonding and cooperation. Starting as strangers or co-workers, you leave as life long friends and colleagues.

If you’ve read any of my musings in the past, you know I am a big proponent of play and nature based experiences largely because they are the best way to get you toward self actualization, amazement, awe, wonder, gratitude and connection with something larger than yourself and ta-da! Peak Experiences! So I trained to become a play and experiential therapist and holistic wellness, life and family coach.

I take people to places that challenge them, frighten them even and yet, hold a wonder they have never experienced before, as well as challenge them to use this experience to improve their lives and maybe the lives of others for the good of all of us. Raising the Joy Vibration is the world is something I take very, very seriously 😉 because I believe no one can think of harming other beings while they are in a state of joy and connection. The world needs us to be self actualized and in joy and connection more–a lot more.

I also LOVE dolphins, whales, porpoises and other marine mammals (but let’s just keep it simple and say Cetaceans). I have manifested and been lucky to have had MANY Peak Experiences with Cetaceans over my years in Hawaii and all over the North and Central American coasts and now in Europe. At the same time I learned about play therapy, I happened to find about Dolphin Assisted Healing with WILD dolphins and got to experience it first hand with an amazing mentor in Hawaii. Having been a bit skeptical thanks to my western trained science mind, I became completely convinced in the power of not only these Peak Experiences but something unknown (at least to ‘science’) that these Cetaceans were giving to people. I have written about it before, as have many others, but once I saw it over and over again during the next two decades now, I believed it, even without the ability to measure it.

So now I take people to be in wild places where they can have Peak Experiences with Wild Dolphins and Whales. These are not ‘vacations’. I want more for you. I facilitate your growth in partnership with the dolphins and whales but it is what they inspire in you that makes change, joy, wonder, connection and that permanent change happen. Self-actualized people end up having more Peak Experiences so it’s a win-win!!

My next retreat is coming up soon in Baja, Mexico with the Gray and Blue Whales. This is a special one to me and although these retreats take a year to plan, I love this location the most because it is the ONLY place in the world where whales have initiated physical (and spiritual, I believe) contact with humans. They not only want you to kiss, pet, hug and love on them, the mommies bring their babies up to the little pangas (small fishing boats run by local fishermen) and push them up at you, sometimes leaving for a bit of nap while we gladly babysit.

There is NOTHING like looking into the eye of a large, sentient being that sees through to your soul. It’s unimaginable so I invite you to actually seek out this Peak Experience at least once in your life. I only take small, personalized groups of 8-10 and these locations at the lagoon are reserved up to a year in advance. I was lucky to get this many spaces for this year.

You can look at all the information here: http://yourlifewelllived.net/bajaretreat.html BUT registration is open NOW so get in touch soon–before December 1st if you want to pay in two installments.

What a magical life affirming gift this would be for yourself or someone you know–especially those who perhaps have been struggling with something–anxiety, depression, questioning the meaning of existence in what can seem like a crazy world especially in the last couple of years, etc. We NEED these Peak Experiences to remind us we are beings made to be joyful and connected. That’s what can change this world.

There are strict limitations on the number of tourists allowed in the lagoons where this happens and the lagoon I go to is the best of the three I believe for the smaller numbers of people that go there because it’s less accessible. I have worked out all the complicated arrangements AND included another day to go see the largest animal that ever lived on this planet and that visits this same area annually. Nowhere else do you get to see Blue whales from a small fishing boat much closer up than in normal tourist boats.

Again, that’s why these trips are so life changing–MEANINGFUL interactions with WILD dolphins and whales. Your Peak Experience is just waiting for you and/or your loved ones. Don’t wait. Life is too precious. http://yourlifewelllived.net/bajaretreat.html

You can contact me at jteleia@gmail for more information but check out my site first! Welcome to your next chapter!


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