Got Joy and FUN? We ALL need more of it!

Are you having enough FUN?!  F.U.N. is Fundamental Universal Need.  We all need it–literally–for our brains to work right.  I create and facilitate retreats based on the principle that FUN is transformative and essential to living an inspired, balanced and healthy life.  The next one is during the New Moon around July 19-25, 2020 in Bimini, Bahamas and YOU’RE INVITED! Click HERE for more information!

The NEW MOON is the best time for transformation, manifesting and re-birth.  What do you need to transform in your life? Do you need some F.U.N., some bonding time with your friends, your family, your SELF?! What wants to be born or come to fruition within you?  What do you know is dying to get out, to change, to transform, to be heard and seen?  What needs to change in your life? What are you saying “Yes” to that you need to say “No” to and what are you saying “No” to that you need to say “Yes” to??!

We NEED F.U.N. and JOY like air and water. Come with me and you will have a peak wilderness experience you will never forget with the world’s most intelligent and compassionate beings–the dolphins and whales (or Cetaceans as they are known to Cetacean geeks like me). Being with dolphins will likely propel you into a brain state that makes challenges seem like child’s play, and PLAY we will.  These experiences will open up new areas of your brain, problem solving, creativity and EASE with which to make the changes you already know are within and need to come out!

For over 20 years now, I have seen these amazing beings, over and over, help with personal transformation and re-claiming JOY! Indeed, the mantra of the retreat center is “Happy, Healing and Harmonious”. Do you need that in your life?

I have found places around the world that are not overwhelmed with people so you can have a truly meaningful interaction with wild Cetaceans.  I will be facilitating a group experience with the Spotted (and maybe the Bottlenose) dolphins that frequent Bimini’s waters. For 6 nights, 5 days on the water (plan on a week altogether), playing in the turquoise waters full of amazing Caribbean sea life and coral reefs. The waters off Bimini are like a pool-very easy to see and swim, and the dolphins are not crowded by tourist boats. All you have to do is get to Ft. Lauderdale, FL and the rest is taken care of.

There are only 10 slots so let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid disappointment. Many of the weeks are full already since the trips fill up a year in advance so the time to book is NOW.

Could this be your gift to yourself or someone else? A new year, a new you? A more bonded family? A transformed relationship with yourself or someone else? What will this new moon experience awaken in you?

Here’s the details :For the base price of $2020 for our retreat in 2020:
What’s Included:
**A coaching and/or counseling session before AND after the retreat to help you clarify and implement a healing or wellness goal. I will also be available to help you process anything that comes up during our magical encounters with the dolphins (and the humans). Magical doesn’t always mean without challenges but those are the richest moments of personal growth, including being afraid of being in deep water with wild animals. It is a moment of transformation just to get in the water!
**A new moon ritual during and after the new moon and we’ll use this inspiration throughout the week. (Participation in any retreat activity always up to you.)
**All accommodations (Sunday night in Fort Lauderdale and 5 nights on the island based on double occupancy).
**Boat trips (5 days out weather permitting) on a very stable catamaran.
**Most meals (but see what’s not included below) mostly organic, healthy meals, and can cater for most dietary needs.
**Group meditation and/or yoga will be offered each day.
**Shuttle transfer from the hotel to the airport on the Monday morning.
**Airport transfers on the island upon arrival on Monday and upon departure on Saturday, when traveling with the group.                                                         **Complimentary use of kayaks and bicycles.
**Wifi connection, where available.
**Filtered water, coffee and teas, lemonade and iced fruit tea, regular and non-dairy milk, and honey.
**Plenty of time to look for shells, stroll the beach, relax, rejuvenate and rekindle yourself!
**Friendships you’ll never forget and a relationship with yourself and/or others that might surprise you.

What’s NOT Included:
**Travel costs to and from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and travel costs to/from Bimini on a small private plane ($390).
**Crew Gratuities 10-15% of the retreat cost–this amounts to between approximately $200-285.
**Single room and ocean view room upgrade.
**Sunday night dinner in Fort Lauderdale and one group dinner out on Bimini.
**All individual body work sessions. The cost is $95 for an hour. **Rental of snorkel equipment is $25 for the set or $10 for fins only. **Retreat photos when available $65.
**Bahamas Departure Tax $29. Subject to change. This must be paid in cash on departure from Bimini.
**Bahamas Airport Tax of $33 (includes Civil Aviation screening fee of $8). Subject to change.
**Travel Insurance

QUESTIONS?? Nothing is too small to ask! Let me know! Make your plans! I will need deposits of 25% as soon as possible to make sure we get our slots.
I plan and organize these retreats sometimes more than a year in advance and only add a small fee to off-set SOME of my own costs. This retreat is being offered at an INTRODUCTORY COST.

BONUS: If I get more than 10 participants (before the retreat center gets another 11 to fill up the week), I will offer a small rebate to anyone who brings more than 2 people. I don’t know how much until I know the final number.

See the website for more information!

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